Mash & Sparge Water Calculator

A simple and convenient tool for calculating mash and sparge water you’ll need to insure a successful brew day. Happy brewing!

Batch Volume: gallons Variable
Amount of Grain: pounds Variable
Length of Boil: minutes Variable
Trub Loss: gallons Variable
Equipment Loss: gallons Variable
Thickness of Mash: quarts/pounds Variable
Grain Room Temperature: ° Fahrenheit Variable
Target Mash Temperature: ° Fahrenheit Variable
Wort Shrinkage Factor: % Standard 4%
Grain Absorption Rate: gallons/pounds Standard 0.13 gal/lbs
Evaporation Rate: %/hour Standard 1-5%/hour
Total Water Needed:
Mash Water Needed:
Sparge Water Needed:
Pre-Boiled Wort: