Companion Planting Guide

With 124 plants and counting, this companion planting guide allow you to quickly search and sort through many vegetables, herbs, and flowers to maximize you companion planting strategy. Our list contains companion planting research done on over 20 sites and compiled a useful and searchable guide. A must have for all gardeners!

Plant: Benefits:
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  • Sage

    Repels carrot flies, cabbage moths, ticks. Plant with rosemary, cabbage and carrots; keep away from cucumbers. Deters cabbage moth, carrot fly.

  • Savory

    Improves growth. Attracts Bees. Deters bean beetles.

  • Shallot

    Repels aphids, weevils, carrot flies, moles, fruit tree borers. Controls rust flies and some nematodes. Protects tomatoes against red spiders. Protects roses from black spot, mildew and aphids.

  • Southernwood

    Wonderful lemony scent. Doesn't like fertilizer. Repels Cabbage loopers, Flea Bettles, Cabbageworms, Moths. Plant here and there in garden; companion to cabbage; improves Growth and flavor, deters cabbage moth.

  • Spinach

    There are no known bad companions for spinach.

  • Squash

    Borage will help deter worms and impove growth and flavor. Radishes will prevent insects on the squash plant.

Last Update 2/9/2019: Added Swiss Chard, Chicory, and Kale