Companion Planting Guide

With 124 plants and counting, this companion planting guide allow you to quickly search and sort through many vegetables, herbs, and flowers to maximize you companion planting strategy. Our list contains companion planting research done on over 20 sites and compiled a useful and searchable guide. A must have for all gardeners!

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  • Sunflower

    Attracts Humming birds and bees. The bright blossoms draw ladybugs and ants, both of which feed on aphids. Create shade for less heat-tolerant plants.

  • Sweet Alyssum

    Direct seed or set out starts of sweet alyssum near plants that have been attacked by aphids in the past. Alyssum flowers attract hoverflies whose larva devour aphids.

  • Sweet Pepper

    Improves growth. Do not plant near apricot trees because a fungus that the pepper is prone to can cause a lot of harm to the apricot tree.

  • Swiss Chard

    Plant swiss chard as a border, interspersed with sweet alyssum.

  • Tansy

    Deters flying insects, striped cucumber beetles, ants, flies, squash bugs and Japanese beetles. Note: attracts cabbageworms. Toxic to many animals.

  • Tarragon

    Plant throughout the garden, not many pests like this one. Recommended to enhance growth and flavor of vegetables.

  • Thyme

    Controls flea beetles, cabbage maggots, imported cabbageworms and white cabbage butterflies.

  • Tomato

    Protects roses from black spot. May stunt carrot growth.

  • Valerian

    Adds phosphorus. Good anywhere in garden. Good in compost heaps and good for earthworms.

Last Update 2/9/2019: Added Swiss Chard, Chicory, and Kale